10 Bags of Freshly Made Cotton Candy

There are 4 selections that made the Ultimate Package different form the Super Skate!

Choice of   10 Goodie Bags  OR

Ultimate Birthday Party Package at Skate Time 209

The Ultimate Party also comes with 12 Arcade Tokens
​(Super Skate Package = 8 tokens) 

  1. You can choose Funnel Cake/Ice Cream Sundaes instead of Cupcakes/Cake

  2. 12 arcade tokens
    ​(Super Skate = 8)

  3. Choice of Goodie Bag, Freshly Made Cotton Candy or 8 extra arcade tokens!

  4. ​Ultimate Parties get a choice of a theme - super Skate are generic Happy Birthday decorations and cake

The Ultimate Party has the option of Vanilla Ice Cream, Funnel Cake Sundaes with Rainbow Sprinkles instead of the themed Cupcakes/Cake.

OR   8 extra tokens!

Goodie Bags

Only the Ultimate Parties are themed - Super Skate Parties are generic Happy Birthday decorations and cake!