A $50 non-refundable deposit is require to book a party.  
If the party is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, the deposit will be refunded.   
​Depending on our schedule, you may re-schedule for another date at no charge.   

If you are just looking for dates, click continue.  

​If you are really booking the party, fill in the number of child and adult guests that you are expecting.  

​Please read our "definition of each" and the cancellation policy for child guests in excess of 10 and adult guess in excess of 5.

This is the next screen you will see,
pick either Ultimate or Super Skate.

Then the system will let you browse and look at different days and times!

Rest assured, we use the exact same system to book your party, so calling to book is no different than doing it yourself!

You can also initiate the booking process by sending a  message through the "Contact Us" page.
You can also call us if you don't have computer.
We will be using the same website link to book your party and tell you about available dates and times.
Call or Text Terry direct at 845-532-8664 or at Skate Time 209 845-626-7971