how to have the best every birthday party at skate time 209


Our cupcakes  •  your cake

Parties are 2 1/2 hours

The 1:00pm party ends at 3:30

The 1:15pm party ends at 3:45

The 1:30pm party ends at 4:00pm

We wil present your bill during the last 1/2 hour of your party.

​When your party departs the party room for the arcade, your Party Hero and Runner will take down any decorations / signage with your child's name on them and put them in your bag with your child's gifts.

If you have the 1pm or 1:15pm start time, you are welcome to stay and skate until 4pm, but you staff will say goodbye at the end of your party and begin cleaning/resetting the party room.

skating only guests


Our themed ​name tags are really cute!   

But we need your guest names to make them!

Please send us the names at least 3 days prior to your party so we have time to make them!!!!

​If we do not receive your guest names prior to the party, the name tags will be hand written

​We will also make name tags for Super Skate Parties that match your decorations 


name tags

Skate Time 209 Birthday Party

Over the years, we have found that one of the things that makes for the best parties at Skate Time 209 is frequent communication between Party Mom/Dad/Other and us!

After you book your party online, you will receive an auto mailer communication confirming your party booking.

Shortly after that, we will contact you, initially via e-mail, to begin talking about your Party!

We want to make your PARTY DAY hassle free, and to do that, we need to talk (either via-email or on the phone) prior to the party.   The more we communicate, the better the parties tend to be.

birthday Parties at skate time 209 in accord

Book your party online

Yes, you can absolutely bring your own cake!   
We will give each child 3 extra tokens if you bring your own cake.

Party guests = skating / seated at Party Table / Pizza / Drink / Tokens

Adult guests = RESERVED seating and cake/cupcake
Includes free skating for Party Mom/Dad, does not include skating for other adult guests

There is no charge for adults watching their children

If you want to reserve seating for more than 5 guests, we will provide a reserved area that is sectioned off for your party to enjoy exclusively ($4 per person includes seating/cake)

At the door, we have a sign in sheet for your Party Guests and Adult Guests

Each person wil have a wristband specific to your party, so we know who you are paying for

We base your bill on the number of guests that you indicate at the time of booking, we cross check that with who has signed in and has a wrist band.

There is a small fee for no show guests

If you do not want to pay for no shows, please book no more than 10 Party Guests/5 Adults


It's easy to book your party at Skate Time 209

Sometimes parties have “Skating Only” guests - like the siblings of your party guests or sometimes even the parents of your party guests.

“Skating Only” guests are $9.50 and that includes their Roller Skating Rental.