how are we charged for CHILDREN AND ADULT guests?

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Let everyone eat cake! or Cupcakes! and pizza!

Your party will have either (depending on theme) 15 cupcakes or 10 cucpcakes + a 5" cake that serves at least 15 . 

Your ackage include 10 children and up to 5 adults.  

For the adults we provide reserved seating - and with
your package there will be 16 slices of pizza and cake
​to feed 15.  

If you think you are going to be having more than six extra adult guests, if you indicate the # of adults when you book your party - there is a $4 per person charge and that covers the cost of additional cupcake/cake and a reserved seat for those adult guests.   

​You can also order extra pizzas - as the per person Adult additional charge only covers seating and cake/cupcake.

Pick your prop - maybe our MTV  microphone, or big hair or a custom prop for your themed party.   

It's easy to book your party at Skate Time 209

can i bring extra food?

FNAF - Friday Night at Freddy's

Cupcake / Cake Icing Color Choices

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Extra Party guest cancellations with less than 7 days notice will be charged at $6.00 per child for Ultimate Parties and $2 per child for Super Skate Parties.

Extra Adult guest cancellations with less than 7 days notice will be charged at $2 per person.

​ Presents!


(Q)  How are we charged for "extra guests"?  

(A)  Your party includes 2 tables in our Exclusive "Party Room" and a special "throne chair" for the Birthday child,
and a table for 5 adults on the island just outside of the party room.

We define a "party guest" as those children seated at the party table in the Party Room for pizza, drink, cake and that receive tokens.

​"Adult guests" are defined as any guest sitting in our reserved party seating in our island that also gets a cupcake or cake!

Adults that take over the kids table are also counted as "Extra Adult Guests"

​We will base the final bill on the number of children seated at the table and that get tokens and adults seated at your adult table.

Parties include two pitchers of drink and two pizzas that are 8 slices each - total 16 slices, and the cupcakes cake will serve up to 15.

If you have 10 children - that means that there will be 6 extra slices of pizza for Party Parents and friends and 5 cupcakes or cake servings extra..

If you have more than 10 children or 5 adults, each person gets a slice of pizza and we either order more cupcakes or a bigger cake.

​The child and adult cancellation policy with less than 7 days to the party is stated above.


(Q)     Should I leave a gratuity for my Party Hero

​(A)      Yes, Yes, Yes - the Party Heros work extra hard to provide great service for you.  Many times, the Party Heros will buy their own table decorations and gifts for your child to make the day extra special.   

​The amount that you leave depends on how "Wow-ed" you were! 

The Heros really take their tips to heart - a "no tip" or "low tip" sends a message to the Party Hero that you were unhappy with their service, and it make them sad!   We tell you this because if you don't know, then you may inadvertently send a message to the Hero simply because we didn't tell you!

You will also have "Party Runner" - you do not need to tip the Party Runner. 

Your Ultimate Party = Your Theme

Booking your Birthday Party at Skate Time 209 is easy!
1  -  2  -  3  -  4

Our themed name tags are really cute!     We need your guest names 5 days prior to your party to make them.   If we do not receive your guest names, they will be hand written.

birthday Parties at skate time 209 in accord

Roller Roo Super Skate Party​

Ultimate Party Package Choices

Funnel Cake - Ice Cream Sundaes

Ultimate Parties are themed
Super Skate Parties are not​


Please not that our prices do not include Sales Tax

Only the Ultimate Parties are themed - Super Skate Parties are generic Happy Birthday decorations and cake!

The RSVP and cancellation policy changed on February 5, 2016.   Parties booked prior to Feb 5 are unaffected.

Ultimate Party Package Choices

Pick your party theme - ULTIMATE PARTY ONLY


Make Memories with our Step and Repeat Red Carpet Photo Booth with Props

A $50 non-refundable deposit is require to book a party.  
If the party is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, the deposit will be refunded.   
​Depending on our schedule, you may re-schedule for another date at no charge.   

Skate Time 209 Roller Skating

A gratuity for your Party Hero is suggested and is not included in the above prices.

If you plan on paying for your party with a credit card, please bring enough cash for your gratuity.



(Q)     What do we get to take home from the party?

​(A)      For the Ultimate parties, we make personalized themed cups, placemats and signage, with the Birthday Child's name on them.  We always print a few extra for you to take home.

Each Birthday Child will get a tiara or crown - sometimes we are able to find a theme specific headpiece - like a Poppy headband for Trolls.   Themed/licensed items are subject to availability - but whatever we get - you get to keep it.

Each Birthday Child gets an "It's my birthday button" or "Special Name Tag" that they can keep

We also provide a bright colorful "gift sack" for all of the Birthday Presents

​We will put any leftover food (pizza/cake) in a box for you to take home


Book your party online

5.                                  Check the available dates and times online and Book Your Party Online Today!

Skate Time 209 Skateboarding

At 7 days before the party, if the number of extra children or adults is different than what you reserved at the time of booking, you need to let us know.

Any extra child cancellations less than 7 days will be charged at $6.00 per child for Ultimate Parties and $2 per child for Super Skate Parties.   

​Any extra adults cancellation (over 5) will be charged at $2.00 per person. 

On the day of the party if you have more guests than you RSVPed for we will have plenty of pizza and drink, however there may not be extra themed place settings (we have plenty of generic party stuff) and other items and there may not be enough cupcakes.

Your party comes with 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers of drink.
Each pizza cuts into 8 slices for a total of 16 slices for your party!

If you are bringing extra cake/cupcakes for your guests, they will be charged as "extra adult guests"

Kids LOVE Tokens - LOVE LOVE LOVE tokens

The Ultimate Party Package has the option of Funnel Cake - Ice Cream Sundaes INSTEAD of the 10 themed cupcakes + 5" themed cake


Plastic "Popcorn" bucket is used to serve
​Popcorn, however the bucket is not included

We offer a lot of party themes at Skate Time 209 in Accord!   

If you don't see the theme that you want, drop us a note and we will see if we can do it!

​There is a $30 fee for party themes that are not listed here.

More than one birthday child??
There is an $8 per child charge for each additional Birthday Child!

There is no extra charge for any of the other activities other than the Piñata 

Can I bring my own cake if I am having an ultimate or super skate party?

Please note * denotes children only

"Happy Birthday"

Pull String Pinata  $25
We also have some themed Pinatas!

"Happy Birthday" Pull String Pinata  $25
​We also have some themed Pinatas!

Can I just have an "unofficial party" and bring my own cake and let the kids skate?

RSVP Numbers and cancellations

(Q)     I'm not sure how many people are going to come to the party, how many should I put on the online booking system?

​(A)      Our goal is for you to have a hassle free party day so you can sit back and enjoy your child's birthday and your friends.   The biggest hassle that you will have (and we're sorry we can't help you with it) is getting your guests to RSVP.

For over 10 years, our policy has been that you only pay for the number of people that actually come to the party.   We just can't do that any more.

We have had parties of 18 turn into a party of 8 or 10 ON the day of the party and vice versa.

We realize that you are at the mercy of your guests and that things happen - kids get sick, but we are not longer able to offer a "free cancellation policy"

     How is the Super Skate
​                        party different?

  • Cake = Balloons Birthday Theme

  • Party guests gets 8 tokens (Ultimate = 12)

  • ​Plates, cups, napkins are Roller Roo themed

  • No goodie bag / cotton candy / extra tokens 

  • SUPER SKATE = $20.95     Ultimate = $23.95

  • Extra adult reserved seating - more than 5 people = $4.00 per person

    ​The roller roo SUPER SKATE party is a great option for adults and older kids..... like 13 and up who want a SKATING party, but don't want a "litle kid birthday party"  

3.  your super skate cake and ultimate pick your theme!

Play either way:   1)  Each child goes under the limbo stick for fun, or 2) play by the rules (have to bend backwards, and nothing can touch but your fee) and the winner gets a prize!

Roller Scooter Races!

We extend a lot of leeway to birthday parties that we do not extend to public session skaters.   If you have a party guest that has special needs such as gluten or dairy free, please bring food for them!   If you would like to bring a vegetable platter, or anything else that we do not sell, that's OK.   We ask that you do not bring things that we sell such as:   Nachos, Soda, Popcorn, Candy, etc.

Roller Skating                    

4.  Pick your drinks and add pizza toppings

All kids start at the "little kiddie fun" stage.

​​Then at different ages, some kids move to the the "i'm to cool for that and just want to skate with my friends stage".    

​Then one day we all return to the to the i'm an adult and just want to be a kid again!

There's no frozen cardboard pizza at Skate Time 209

We get our pizza dough balls from from Dominick's Pizzeria in Ellenville each week.  Our cheese is grated fresh, and each pizza is hand tossed fresh for you!


Custom Themed Ultimate Parties

This is the next screen you will see,
pick either Ultimate or Super Skate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just looking for dates, click continue.   If you are really booking the party, fill in the number of child and adult guests that you are expecting.   Please read our "definition of each" and the cancellation policy for child guests in excess of 10 and adult guess in excess of 5.

After you pick your theme we create custom placemats and decorations and design your cake/cupcakes/sundaes for the size of your p​arty!

​We customize everything for you, we shop for your party as if we were throwing a party for one of our family members based on the age of the child and their preferences..

​Depending on the theme, you may have licensed plates/cups/napkins, or we may do a custom design for you


Harley Quinn

Step on to our red carpet with our step and repeat banner just like the movie stars.  

Each child goes around
the cones on ​the scooters for fun,

or pick teams and compete for a prize for the fastest team!

Our Skate Time 209 Birthday Parties are more than just picking the Ultimate or the Super Skate Package, and the food, drink and activities that go along with each party.

What helps us make each party special at Skate Time 209 is knowing in advance what the person celebrating their birthday wants.

For us - knowing if your party will be more of a traditional "kiddie party" or a "just leave me and my friends alone so we can skate" is important.

We want to know in advance so on the party day we don't have a tomboy upset because we got her a special princess crown, or the party boy not wanting to wear a special name tag.

Our parties are not purely a "fast food menu" type selection.   We try to give you a menu to pick from, but we shop for special items for each party and plan each party as if we were planning it for our own family member.   We don't order bulk quantities, we shop small and personal for each party.  We also plan each cupcake or cake/cupcake setup based on your theme and the number of guests.

As you go through the online process, we will ask you questions that will help us make your party very personalized and special.    

For $1.40 extra for each topping, you can add Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage or Chicken to a pizza pie!

For $1.00 extra you can add the toppings to half of one of your pizza pies!

​Yes, you can absolutely bring your own cake!   
​However because our service is primarily cupcakes - for us, you bringing your own cake means that we need to supply forks and an extra set of plates to all of your guests having cake.   For that reason, there is no "credit" for exchange for you bringing your own cake.

Dance Party!
​Cupid Shuffle  *  Cha Cha Slide

​Electric Slide  *  Juju on that Beat

The Chicken Dance  
Macarena  *  The Hokey Pokey
Hoedown Throwdown


The Super Skate Parties have Roller Roo themed Plates, Cups and Napkins.  The cake / cupcakes are Happy Birthday Ballons themed - with your choice of icing colors, type (whipped or but-r-cream) and chocolate or vanilla cake

You have about an hour for all of your activities!
You pick as many as you want!

​More activities = less time for each activity
Fewer Activités = more time for each activity

We understand that not everyone wants or needs our full Birthday Party packages, but yet they still want to come skating for a birthday party.  Please come!   Bring your party skating.   We will even give you a discount for more than 10 admission.   However, we are in the business of selling Birthday Parties and ask that no outside food, decorations, gifts, or other party material be brought in - this includes Birthday Cakes.

2.  Pick your activities!

You can browse available dates and times online!   Here the different screens that you will see to search for a date and time!

Adult Seating, Reservations Cake / Cupcakes
Both the Ultimate and Super Skate packages come with Reserved seating for 5 adults in our "party island" right next to the Party Room. 

Your 2 pizzas will cut into 16 slices - and with a party of 10 children - there are 6 slices left over for adults.   

Your package (for 10) comes with a 5" cake and 10 cupcakes, and it serves 15 to 18.

In the past, we have not charged for non-skating parents, but we have had parents invite as many as 18-20 non-skating, non paying adults.   

For us, this is like setting up for one or two other parties, and it also requires more cake - because if parents are staying they want to be offered cake.  

When you make your reservation, count adults that you are "inviting", such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, close friends.    Anyone that you want to have reserved seating for and/or cake/cupcakes at cake time!

You do not need to make a reservation for or pay for parents of children that you are not inviting to sit with your party and/or have cake.  They may end up staying with their child, but there is no charge for them if you are not asking for seating and/or cake for them.

You can bring your own cake, however if we are providing plates, forks, etc, these adults count in your adult count.  
Adults that take over the kids table are also counted as
"Extra Adult Guests"

Cancellations for extra adults with less than 7 days notice have a 50% cancellation fee ($2 per person)

Skate Time 209 Birthday Party

You can also initiate the booking process by sending a  message through the "Contact Us" page.
You can also call us if you don't have computer.
We will be using the same website link to book your party and tell you about available dates and times.
Call or Text Terry direct at 845-532-8664 or 845-626-7971

2.5 hour Party - 10 children, 5 adultsyesyes
Party Hero/Serveryesyes
King • Queen throne chairyesyes
Tables in our Party Roomyesyes
Reserved adult table nearbyyesyes
Birthday Child button/name tagyesyes
Themed wristbands for guestsyesNO
Name tags for guestsyesyes
Roller Skating  •  Skateboardingyesyes
Party Parents skate for freeyesyes
Skating only guests$9.50$9.50
Other activities Limbo, etcyesyes
We play B-Day child's songsyesyes
2 freshly made pizzasyesyes
2 pitchers drinkyesyes
15 cupcakes or 10 cupcakes/5" cakeyesyes
You pick your Party Themeyesno
Skate Time 209 Arcade Tokens128
CottonCandy • GoodieBags • TokensyesNO
funnel cake sundae optionyesNO
extra party guests$23.95$20.95
party guest cancellation less 7 days$6.00$2.00
extra adult guests$4.00$4.00
cancellation adults guests less 7 days$2.00$2.00
Party Postcard Invitationsyesyes

Here are things that are NOT "take homes"

​Although it may seems like overkill to say what you can't take home - we include it because at someone point, each of these items has either been taken home or has been requested to be taken home.

Each party guest will be asked to wear a mini chalkboard name tag that will identify them as a Party Guest and is colored coded by party.  
This is how we count how many "party guests" that you have and identifies who should be in the party room.     As much as the kids want to keep them sometimes, we need the name tags back!

Guest also receive a small cloth bag with their tokens.   We ask the children to return their name tags and token bags to pick up their Goodie Bag (ultimate party) or to simply turn them in when the redeem their tickets at the fun shop (super skate).

We decorate the party area and cake for your theme - we have different decorations for each party  - some of those decorations include table centerpieces, hanging decorations and cake decorations.   Some of the "toppers" that we use for the cakes are very expensive and are not "take homes".   If there is something you really like, let us know and if we can replace it, we can quote you a price for it.  

If there are items, that based on past experience, that we know kids want, we will tell you ahead of time. 

Many of the decorations are custom made and "one time finds" from eBay and other sources.  Some of the decorations that we use have been bought by your Party Hero because they want to make your Party extra special.  

Because we do so many different themes, we do not stock enough decorations for each party for each party to take home all of the decorations.  

Your locker key!  We provide big oversize lockers for you to store the personal belongings of the party guests.   Please remember to return the locker key at the end of your party.

And, we use real forks and sometimes non-disposable cups!  Please don't take them home   :)

Click here to read more about the Ultimate Party Package Options!

Then the system will let you browse and look at different days and times!
Rest assured, we use the exact same system to book your party, so calling to book is no different than doing it yourself!