You can also initiate the booking process by sending a message through the "Contact Us" page.
or Terry at

Call or Text Terry direct at 845-532-8664 or 845-626-7971

Pick your prop - maybe our MTV  microphone, or big hair or a custom prop for your themed party.   

Skate Time 209 Birthday Party

birthday Parties at skate time 209 in accord


Kids LOVE Tokens - LOVE LOVE LOVE tokens

Tip your Party Hero for GREAT Service!
Please remember to bring CASH

A gratuity for your Party Hero is suggested and is not included in the above prices.

Dance Party!
​Cupid Shuffle  *  Cha Cha Slide

​Electric Slide  *  Juju on that Beat

The Chicken Dance  
Macarena  *  The Hokey Pokey
Hoedown Throwdown

There is no extra charge for any of the other activities other than the Piñata 

April 29, 2018 we changed our policy on outside food and drink for parties.  We do not allow any outside food or drink to be brought into the building.  

If you BOOK a birthday party package, we can provide the cake, OR you CAN bring your own cake - if you bring your own cake, we give each child 4 extra tokens.

If you do NOT book a party package, we do NOT allow cakes for parties to be brought in the building unless you rent the party room.  

The fee to rent the party room for $75.   This is a room rental only - and does not include any decorations or staff to serve the party.


Extra reserved seating for adults - includes placemat, chair and seat at table - does not include skating

if we provide the cake, it will include cake or cupcake

Parties include up to 10 children including the birthday child.  If you book and confirm 7 days before the party, more than 10 children and they are a no show, we do not charge you for the children, but we charge a $6 late cancel fee for children and $3 for adults.

We make sure that each Birthday Child gets their own placemat and decorations with their name - and the guests will have placemats with all of the names on them.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is require to book a party.  
If the party is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, the deposit will be refunded.   
​Depending on our schedule, you may re-schedule for another date at no charge.   

Party Packages

Candy, Candy, and more
​candy for all the guests!
"Happy Birthday"

Pull String Pinata  $25
We also have some themed Pinatas!

Step on to our red carpet with our step and repeat banner just like the movie stars.  

Ultimate Party - $259 + tax

Super Skate Party $239 + tax

Both parties include:

• 2 1/2 hours party time

• roller skating or skateboarding

• children's party table and chairs in party room

• throne chair for the party child

• 2 pizzas & 2 pitchers of drink

• we supply the cake (or you supply the cake - each child gets 4 extra tokens each)

​• group picture on red carpet with photo Booth props

• limbo, scooter races and/or dance party

• open gifts at table or home

• 12 tokens per guest (ultimate package), 8 tokens per guest (super skate)

• Ultimate package - choice of cotton candy, goodie bags, 8 extra tokens

• Ultimate package - pick your party theme!

• Super Skate package - pick your party colors!
​• Party Mom and Dad always skate for free

• Sibling/Parents of party guests can skate for $9.50 includes skate rental

• Reserved adult seating for up to 4 adults

"Happy Birthday" Pull String Pinata  $25
​We also have some themed Pinatas!

Ultimate Party Themes

Avengers: Age of Ulton



Disney Princess
Despicable Me

Five Nights at Freddy's 
Groovy - Peace
Harley Quinn
Hello Kitty

Mickey Mouse




PJ Masks


Star Wars
Super Mario






​Roller Skating - Disco
Thomas the Train and friends


X Box
​Call of Duty WWII
Unicorn and Rainbows - Cat

Unicorn and Rainbows - Horse

Don't see the theme you want?
Request your custom theme $35

If available, we offer a $75 room rental for 1/2 of the party room

When renting the room, we allow a cake to be brought in the facility, but not other food or drink

If you are not renting the room, we do not allow outside food or drink to be brought in to the facility

Ultimate Party Choice - Goodie Bag, Cotton Candy or 8 extra tokens

Plastic "Popcorn" bucket is used to serve
​Popcorn, however the bucket is not included

​​Twins, Triplets, Siblings, Cousins, Friends?
$8.00 for each additional party child

It's easy to book your party at Skate Time 209

Make Memories with our Step and Repeat Red Carpet Photo Booth with Props

Roller Scooter Races!

​What' the difference between Ultimate and Super Skate?

Ultimate Parties are THEMED $259+tax

​Super Skate are generic "Happy Birthday" $235+tax

Ultimate = 12 tokens per guest
Super Skate = 8 tokens per guest.

Bring your own cake, each guest gets 4 extra tokens.   Bringing a cake in the facility is only allowed for Parties that are booked with us or are renting the party room $75+tax.

Ultimate = choice (pick ONE)

  • ​Goodie bag
  • 8 extra tokens
  • Cotton Candy

Super Skate = no guest gift

​Additional party guests (over 10)
Ultimate = $23.95

Super Skate = $20.95

Both the Ultimate and Super Skate packages come with Reserved seating for up to 4 adults (including Party Mom/Dad) in our "party island" right next to the Party Room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

adult parties & ​Can I have an "unofficial party" and bring my own cake and let the kids skate?