I don't want any of the party packages. My son/daughter just wants to come to Skate Time 209 with a whole bunch
​of his/her friends.

​or....  I'm an adult and want to have a party but don't want the party package. 

We offer 2 options for the "don't want the party package" kids and adult birthday parties.

We understand that not everyone wants or needs our full Birthday Party packages, but yet they still want to come skating for a birthday party. Please come!   Bring your party skating.   We will even give you a 10% discount on admission for more than 10 admission, as long as one person pays.   

​However, we are in the business of selling Birthday Parties and ask that
no outside food, decorations, gifts, or other party material be brought in - this includes Birthday Cakes.

OPTION 2, but we really want to bring a cake
Based on availability, we offer a $75 room rental for groups

Guarantee 15 or more admissions = $11 per person, including skate rental +$75 room rental 

14 or less is the regular admission price $9.50 + $3.50 skate rental + $75 room rental
We do not provide anything:

  • No decorations 
  • No food 
  • No drink 
  • No tokens 
  • ​No staff to tend to your party
  • You can buy food and drink ala-carte at the snack bar
  • If you rent the room, you may bring in a cake
    We also offer a-la-carte party decorations (placemats / hanging decorations) 


RSVP Numbers and cancellations

(Q)     I'm not sure how many people are going to come to the party, how many should I put on the online booking system?

​(A)      Our goal is for you to have a hassle free party day so you can sit back and enjoy your child's birthday and your friends.   The biggest hassle that you will have (and we're sorry we can't help you with it) is getting your guests to RSVP.

For over 10 years, our policy has been that you only pay for the number of people that actually come to the party.   We just can't do that any more.

We have had parties of 18 turn into a party of 8 or 10 ON the day of the party and vice versa.

We realize that you are at the mercy of your guests and that things happen - kids get sick, but we are not longer able to offer a "free cancellation policy"

​​Twins, Triplets, Siblings, Cousins, Friends?
$8.00 for each additional party child

Avengers: Age of Ultra
Bob the Builder

Captain America: Civil War

Disney Princess
Disney Princess: Elena of Avalor
Despicable Me


Finding Dory
FNAF Five Nights at Freddy's 

Groovy - Peace
Harley Quinn
Hello Kitty



My Little Pony

Sesame Street


Paw Patrol

PJ Masks


Star Wars
Super Mario






​Roller Skating - Disco

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Thomas the Train and friends


X Box
​Call of Duty WWII

Don't see the theme you want?
Request your custom theme $35

3.  Pick your activities!

Please note that parties are 2 1/2 hours from the start time of your party.  

1:00 parties finish at 3:30 and 1:15 parties finish at 3:45.

You are welcome to stay till the end of public session at 4pm, but your party hero, but your Hero and runner will be done, and will begin breaking down the room and cleaning up

Tip your Party Hero for GREAT Service!
Please remember to bring CASH

A gratuity for your Party Hero is suggested and is not included in the above prices.

It's easy to book your party at Skate Time 209
more that 10 party guests?
​more than 5 adults?

We set up reserved seating for your adult guests and section the area off with stantions.

If you want seating for more than 5 adults, the extra money is worth it for the reserved space.

If you will be having more than 10 party guests and/or more than 5 adults, we ask that you provide a guest list in advance.  

We use your guest list to be sure that we have an accurate headcount to prepare you bill that day.  

​Party days can be confusing as to who is with which party, and it helps us to serve you better.

Both the Ultimate and Super Skate include 10 party guests and reserved seating for up to 5 guests


If you reserve more than 10 party guests or 10 adults there is a late cancellation fee for less than 7 days notice
($4 for ultimate party guests, $3 for super skate party guests, $2 for adults)

If you do not want to pay for no-show guests, then estimate your numbers very conservatively, and don't book more than 10 kids/5 adults 

We can always add tables/chairs, make cake slices smaller, and [sometimes] do last minute printing - we can't buy theme tableware last minute

Once we buy/print place settings for extra guests, buy a bigger cake and set up more table and chairs, this can not be undone and there is a charge for those materials and labor

Themed Parties include themed cake, themed placemats, and decorations


There is no extra charge for any of the other activities other than the Piñata 

​We no longer offer "paper" party invitations as part of out packages

4.  Pick your drinks and add pizza toppings

Skate Time 209 Birthday Party

Dance Party!
​Cupid Shuffle  *  Cha Cha Slide

​Electric Slide  *  Juju on that Beat

The Chicken Dance  
Macarena  *  The Hokey Pokey
Hoedown Throwdown

Click above (on book your party) to look at the calendar of available times


(Q)     Should I leave a gratuity for my Party Hero

​(A)      Yes, Yes, Yes - the Party Heros work extra hard to provide great service for you.  Many times, the Party Heros will buy their own table decorations and gifts for your child to make the day extra special.   

​The amount that you leave depends on how "Wow-ed" you were! 

The Heros really take their tips to heart - a "no tip" or "low tip" sends a message to the Party Hero that you were unhappy with their service, and it make them sad!   We tell you this because if you don't know, then you may inadvertently send a message to the Hero simply because we didn't tell you!

You will also have "Party Runner" - you do not need to tip the Party Runner. 

Plastic "Popcorn" bucket is used to serve
​Popcorn, however the bucket is not included

Roller Scooter Races!

Make Memories with our Step and Repeat Red Carpet Photo Booth with Props

Cupcake / Cake Icing Color Choices

You can also initiate the booking process by sending a  message through the "Contact Us" page.
You can also call us if you don't have computer.
We will be using the same website link to book your party and tell you about available dates and times.
Call or Text Terry direct at 845-532-8664 or 845-626-7971

2.  Decide how many guests to make a reservation for

There's no frozen cardboard pizza at Skate Time 209

We get our pizza dough balls from from Dominick's Pizzeria in Ellenville each week.  Our cheese is grated fresh, and each pizza is hand tossed fresh for you!

We make sure that each Birthday Child gets their own placemat and decorations with their name - and the guests will have placemats with all of the names on them.

Please note * denotes children only

Our Skate Time 209 Birthday Parties are more than just picking the Ultimate or the Super Skate Package, and the food, drink and activities that go along with each party.

What helps us make each party special at Skate Time 209 is knowing in advance what the person celebrating their birthday wants.

For us - knowing if your party will be more of a traditional "kiddie party" or a "just leave me and my friends alone so we can skate" is important.

We want to know in advance so on the party day we don't have a tomboy upset because we got her a special princess crown, or the party boy not wanting to wear a special name tag.

You can check the availability of party dates and times by beginning the online booking process.
Enter "Ultimate or Super Skate" and the # of children/adults, and the system will give you access to the booking calendar!

Try the online system, we use the same exact link when you call us to book your party!

Need more help?  email Terry at SkateTime209 @ me.com or text her 845 532 8664 (no voice mail)

If you exit during the online booking, you may have trouble - call/text Terry 845-532-8664 for help

Frequently Asked Questions

A $50 non-refundable deposit is require to book a party.  
If the party is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, the deposit will be refunded.   
​Depending on our schedule, you may re-schedule for another date at no charge.   

Pick your prop - maybe our MTV  microphone, or big hair or a custom prop for your themed party.   


​What' the difference between Ultimate and Super Skate?

Ultimate Parties are THEMED

​Super Skate are generic "Happy Birthday"

Ultimate = 12 tokens per guest
Super Skate = 8 tokens per guest.

Bring your own cake, each guest gets 3 extra tokens.   Bring a cake in the facility is only allowed for Parties that are booked with us.

If you do not book a party with us, we do not allow any outside food or beverage to be brought into the facility

Ultimate = choice (pick ONE)

  • ​Goodie bag
  • 8 extra tokens
  • Cotton Candy

Super Skate = no guest gift

​Additional party guests (over 10)
Ultimate = $23.95

Super Skate = $20.95

Both the Ultimate and Super Skate packages come with Reserved seating for up to 4 adults (including Party Mom/Dad) in our "party island" right next to the Party Room. 

each party room table seats 5-6 guests and there is one overhead light to hang the disco balls

3 small disco balls or 1 large disco ball per light looks great!

Harley Quinn "Glow in the Dark Bank"
​cake topper is additional and subject to availability 


2.5 hours Party, 10 children, 5 adultsyesyes
Party Hero/Serveryesyes
King • Queen throne chairyesyes
Tables in our Party Roomyesyes
Reserved adult table for 4 nearbyyesyes
Birthday Child button/name tagyesyes
Themed wristbands for guestsyesNO
Name tags for guestsyes*yes*
Roller Skating  •  Skateboardingyes*yes*
Party Parents skate for freeyesyes
Skating only guests$9.50$9.50
Other activities Limbo, etcyes*yes
We play B-Day child's songsyesyes
2 freshly made pizzasyesyes
2 pitchers drinkyesyes
15 cupcakes or 10 cupcakes/5" cakeyesyes
You pick your Party ThemeyesNO
Skate Time 209 Arcade Tokens12*8*
CottonCandy • GoodieBags • Tokensyes*NO*
funnel cake sundae optionyesNO
extra party guests$23.95$20.95
party guest cancellation less 7 days$4.00$3.00
extra adult guests$4.00$4.00
cancellation adults guests less 7 days$2.00$2.00
Please note that these prices do not include sales tax on "sales taxable" items 

April 29, 2018 we changed our policy on complimentary adults for the parties.  
​Previously parties included 5 adults, now it is 4.


adult parties & ​Can I have an "unofficial party" and bring my own cake and let the kids skate?

Booking your Birthday Party at Skate Time 209 is easy!
1  -  2  -  3  -  4


Can I bring my own cake if I am having an ultimate or super skate party?

You have about an hour for all of your activities!
You pick as many as you want!

​More activities = less time for each activity
Fewer Activités = more time for each activity

​Yes, you can absolutely bring your own cake!   
​We will give each child 3 extra tokens if you bring your own cake

April 29, 2018 we changed our policy on outside food and drink for parties.
Only food/drink where a child has a food allergy is permitted, please make 
otherwise, we do not allow outside food or drink to be brought
​in our facility.

If you are NOT booking an Ultimate Party, Super Skate Party, or renting the Party Room, we do not allow any outside food or drink to be brought inside at all and that includes cakes..

Skate Time 209 Roller Skating

Your party comes with 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers of drink.
Each pizza cuts into 8 slices for a total of 16 slices for your party!

Roller Skating                    

Book your party online

5.                                  Check the available dates and times online and Book Your Party Online Today!

For $1.40 extra for each topping, you can add Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage or Chicken to a pizza pie!

For $1.00 extra you can add the toppings to half of one of your pizza pies!

birthday Parties at skate time 209 in accord

Ultimate Parties = Themed

7" disco balls are $1.00 each  •  10" disco balls are $2.00 each 

The RSVP and cancellation policy changed on February 5, 2016.   Parties booked prior to Feb 5, 2016 are unaffected.

"Happy Birthday" Pull String Pinata  $25
​We also have some themed Pinatas!

Vegetable Platter with dip for table $20

Cheese and Cracker Platter $20

Bowls of Nacho Chips and Salsa $12

Bowls of Doritos and/or Potato Chips $8
add sour cream/onion dip $6

Substitute Organic Juice for your 2 pitchers of drink, additional $12

Book your party online


This is the next screen you will see,
pick either Ultimate or Super Skate.

Pick your party theme - ULTIMATE PARTY ONLY

Harley Quinn

Kids LOVE Tokens - LOVE LOVE LOVE tokens


​ Presents!

You can browse available dates and times online!   Here the different screens that you will see to search for a date and time!

Skate Time 209 Skateboarding

Then the system will let you browse and look at different days and times!
Rest assured, we use the exact same system to book your party, so calling to book is no different than doing it yourself!


Step on to our red carpet with our step and repeat banner just like the movie stars.  

We offer upgrades to organic juice and we also offer vegetable platters, cheese/cracker platter and chips / dip - see below for add ons.

If you are just looking for dates, click continue.   If you are really booking the party, fill in the number of child and adult guests that you are expecting.   Please read our "definition of each" and the cancellation policy for child guests in excess of 10 and adult guess in excess of 5.

Candy, Candy, and more
​candy for all the guests!
"Happy Birthday"

Pull String Pinata  $25
We also have some themed Pinatas!

Placemats are $1.50 each

April 29, 2018 we changed our policy on outside food and drink for parties. 

Only food/drink where a child has a food allergy is permitted, please made arrangements with us prior to brining in any outside food/drink. 

In the absence of an allergy or prior arrangement being made we do not allow outside food/drink.

Super Skate = Generic theme